EcoSMP Donations

How Your Donation Will Be Used:

  • Your support will help us maintain and upgrade the server hardware. We have recently been able to upgrade to a Ryzen 7 5800x CPU as well as upgrade our RAM, SSD, & Network Speeds.
  • Your support goes a long way in helping us pay these bills and to help fund improving the server in any way we can moving forward.

If you have questions or concerns about donations please contact us by clicking [Here] or via email at

    1 Month of EcoSMP VIP 4.99 USD
    3 Months of EcoSMP VIP 8.95 USD
    6 Months of EcoSMP VIP 14.99 USD
    Lifetime EcoSMP VIP (Never Expires) 19.99 USD
    EcoSMP Donation Only 4.95 USD