How Your Donation Will Be Used

  • Development: Anything that can further improve the network and grow our community. Some examples are custom content by our NFT Worlds Verified Build Team, server promotions & growth efforts, & support to our in house development team.
  • Maintain & Upgrade Server Hardware: We have recently been able to upgrade to high end dedicated servers with upgraded CPUs, RAM, SSDs, & Network Speeds with the support of our community.
  • Give Back to the Community: A percentage of all VIP revenue will be paid out to players in the form of $WRLD and other rewards as they enjoy spending time in the EcoSMP Metaverse.
  • EcoSMP VIP NFT: A percentage of all VIP Pass revenue will go towards the development of more use cases for the VIP NFT. All lifetime VIP pass holders will receive a EcoSMP VIP NFT for free when they are released. (Only Pay Mint/Gas Fees)
  • What Makes Us Different:
    • We strive to earn the support of every player as they help us build better and better gameplay experiences for everyone to enjoy.
    • This means frequent updates, detailed guides to help players learn and grow, optimizing performance without sacrificing the quality of the gameplay, refining and rebalancing the economy daily using data and feedback from the community, and constantly searching for new ways to innovate and improve to reward our players with a fun and meaningful experience.

If you have questions or concerns about donations please contact us using a Discord Ticket [Here] or via email at:

Network Status

50% Money/Exp Boost for 7 Days

14.96 / 250.00 USD (5%)

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1x 1 Month V.I.P. Pass

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1x Lifetime V.I.P. Pass

1x Lifetime V.I.P. Pass